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  Stacy has been performing, literally, all her life. She first began singing on stage at the tender age of 2 years old in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She had her own band behind her from the age of five, her own radio program and sang for the President of the United States.  

     When her family moved to Nashville, Stacy began appearing around town and on all the local TV shows and nationally syndicated programs such as “You Can Be a Star”, “Nashville Now” and “Hee Haw”.  

     Graduating with honors from Belmont University with a degree in French, Stacy sings in French, Italian and Spanish. 

     Stylistically, Stacy’s voice has been described as a mix between the deep resonance of Ann Murray with the pureness of Julie Andrews - tossed with a bit of old fashioned down home country.


     With a large repertoire of songs at her disposal, whether with a band, a pianist or with her guitar only, Stacy is a perfect fit for your musical needs.  

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Stacy Ries Snyder 

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